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Vermeil - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is vermeil just gold plating?  Technically, yes, but most gold plating is not pure gold and a barrier layer of a non precious metal or even the whole piece under the gold can be non precious, but vermeil must be silver and 22k or purer gold plating.
  2. Will the gold flake or peel off?  Definitely not. Over time the gold may fade depending on wear, use and time.
  3. What do I do if I wear it all the time and the gold fades to show the silver? It will take many years for this to happen. If it should occur within the first 2 years then we will happily replate free of charge. After two years there will be a nominal charge to replate your charm but we expect the depth of gold to last over 5 years with normal use.
  4. Will I see my child's print clearly?  Usually yes, very clearly. This is no different to the silver and if we feel the print is not good enough then we will contact you before going ahead.

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