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Fingerprint Jewellery Style, Size & Colour Guide for Chains, Charms, Charm Beads & Birthstones

We try to describe the sizing, shapes and styles of our charms and chains but this page is put together to show you each shape and its comparison with other charms and a coin you'll have in your pocket so you can see exactly the shape and size you are ordering. Our chains are shown too so you know which is which. And the colours of our CZ stones used for birthstones are shown too.


Tiny Tender & Tiny Chunky Charms
Tiny Charms are for bracelets or as a dainty necklace. Both styles are the same size except the chunky are twice as thick as the tender and twice as heavy.

Tiny charms against a penny and a 5p piece










Tender & Chunky Charms
These Charms are for necklaces, bookmarks and keyrings. Both styles are the same size except the chunky are twice as thick as the tender and twice as heavy.

Charms against a 10p piece






Deluxe Charms, Chunky Deluxe Charms & Loving Touch
These Charms are a larger format for necklaces and keyrings.

Deluxe charms against a 2 pound coin











These are our the chain styles and fastenings we detail for all of our necklaces.

Chain styles








These are our CZ gemstones, approximately 3mm across, for each month which can be added to any chunky charm or cufflinks. We are very sorry but we can no longer inset Green/Emerald/May gemstones as we are unable to source quality ones.











Charm Beads
These are our range of non personalised charm beads in glass.

Glass beads





And these are our range of non personalised charm beads in sterling silver.

silver beads





Fastening Types

We have several different types of fastenings on our single charms.

An open jumpring is a standard ring and is chunky and strong so is unlikely to open when pulled hard. This can then be opened with pliers to attach to a standard charm bracelet or a chain threaded through to be worn as a necklace.

A soldered closed jumpring is a standard ring which is more dainty but soldered shut so it cannot open. This is the fastening to choose when you want to thread a necklace through or thread onto a split ring on a sweetie style bracelet.

A soldered closed jumpring and split ring is a standard ring which is more dainty and soldered shut and a split ring is a small ring like a keyring where you thread a soldered ring onto it. This is the fastening to choose if you want to put your charm on a sweetie style bracelet and have used all the existing split rings supplied (usually 3 if a Links of London or one of our Links of Love bracelets).

And below are pictures of a caribiner catch, a small lever clasp you can clip onto whatever you choose or a charm carrier which is the ideal fastening to use on a Pandora style bracelet - this acts like a bead for hanging charms off or again you can thread a chain through.

fastening types

Your Memories
Share your magical events with us
Enquiry concerning whether we have prints from 6 years ago to replace a lost necklace - Yes of course we keep them all - Lisa's reply:

"Thanks so much Helen, I nearly cried when I read your email, you made my day!! My husband won't be struggling to come up with a Christmas present for me now! You should be hearing from my husband in the not too distant future with the order."

Lisa, Milton Keynes

"It arrived safely and I am delighted with it! Thank you very much."

Helen, London

"I have received my order this afternoon and I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the purchase. I bought a set of cufflinks with the hand and foot prints of our little boy for my husband. We are both thrilled with the way they have turned out and it will certainly be something we treasure forever. Your service has been fantastic from start to finish and I will be definitely recommending you to my friends and family. Thanks very much for creating this wonderful keepsake!"

Claire, Cheshire

"Thank you for the brooch. Thank you so much for turning it around so quickly. We will have more things to order through this year."

Brian, Falkirk