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White LilyOur heartfelt condolences are extended to anyone who has recently been bereaved.

At such a terrible time of loss, it can be comforting to be reminded of their love and your love by creating a personal fingerprint jewellery memory of them and keeping it close to you.

We have helped a number of people to keep the memory of someone they love close to them. It has provided a great source of comfort and a lasting treasured memory.

The service we provide is sympathetic, individual and unique. All we require at this time is your name and address and we’ll send you impression kits with clear instructions of how to take the impressions; we will of course provide any support or guidance that you may need at this difficult time to create the fingerprint impression.

Once you’ve taken an impression of their fingerprint and returned it to us, we’ll keep this safe for as long as you need us to. Please take as long as you want to decide what you’d like to create as a lasting tribute to your loved one. Once you’ve chosen your design from our full range or have your own design, thoughtful attention to detail will go into creating your treasured memory.

If you would like to get in touch about creating a remembrance treasure, then do please email us to ask any questions or for advice.

Your Memories
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"Thank you so much for all your help and support it is fantastic she is gonna love it"

Kathryn, Mid Glamorgan - 2013

"It is so beautiful, thank you so much. It's not going to bring Charlie back but I feel that a little piece of him is with me. It gives me great comfort."

Jo, Surrey - 2011

"Thank you very much for the beautiful fingerprint charms you created to remember the life of my little daughter Niamh. Her friends and family now have her little fingerprint to keep forever, which means the world to us all. The keepsake boxes are also beautiful. Thank you again."

Alison - 2009

"I cannot find the words to tell you how much my jewellery means to me and how wonderful you have been..... Wearing the pieces make me feel closer to my Grandad and you have made that possible - thank you so so much."

Claire, Surrey - 2008.

"Thank you. It's beautiful and just what I was looking for to give to my brother and his wife as a memory of their recently stillborn baby son."

Catherine, Yorkshire - 2007.