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From our simple baby bangle and special charm bracelets to our Bountiful Bracelet capturing multiple prints, a Tiny Treasures bracelet is a special piece of fine silver fingerprint jewellery that lets you capture your special memory. You’re sure to get admiring glances when wearing one on your wrist. As a gift, it captures your affection and will keep it close to your loved one.

Select from the options available for how to personalise your charms or beads (see our Personalisation Guide for more information) and to select shape, gemstones or attachments as applicable (see our Size & Style Guide for more information). Your choice of wording, engraving style and any other requirements will be collected with your personalisation sheets, print kits and order confirmation letter. All our treasures come in our Keepsake gift boxes.

Baby bangle with fingerprint charmBaby Bangle with baby charm - £75

Between the size of a penny and a 5p piece depending on shape and weighing a maximum of 3g of silver, the charm can hold a print and your chosen wording. The charm is attached via a ring soldered around the solid sterling silver bangle so it cannot open. Once the bangle is outgrown it can be closed up and hung on a chain to give a unique pendant for the child to continue to use through into adulthood.


Charm Bracelet with 2 Tiny Tender CharmsCharm Bracelet with Two Tiny Tender Charms - £95

Between the size of a penny and a 5p piece depending on shape and weighing a maximum of 4g of silver each charm can hold a print and your chosen wording. This price is for two charms attached to a fine T-Bar and ring sterling silver bracelet. You can add further charms also.

Shape charm 1
Shape Charm 2
Bracelet Length
Safety Chain
Add a third charm?
Add a fourth charm?
Add a fifth charm?
Add a sixth charm?

Chunky Charm Bracelet with Tiny Chunky CharmsCharm Bracelet with Two Tiny Chunky Charms - £130

The same as our Charm Bracelet with two Tiny Tender Charms but the charms are nice and chunky, being twice the weight and twice the thickness of the Tiny Tender charm. They also come attached to a chunkier T-Bar and ring sterling silver bracelet. You can also have hands or feet on the charms, both sides with prints or gem stones set in the charms. Engraving on the back is included in the price - this is not a sentiment - see our Personalisation Guide for information on the difference between engraving and sentiments.

Shape & Type of Charm 1
Shape & Type of Charm 2
Safety Chain
Bracelet Length
Add a 3rd charm?
Add a 4th charm or double-side charm 1?
Add a 5th charm or double-side charm 2?
Add a 6th charm or double-side charm 3?
Add gem stones?

Links of Love Bracelets with various charmsMy Memories Links of Love Charm Bracelet with Tiny Chunky Charm - £180

This fantastic slinky bracelet is made of many silver rings with double strength stretch material to slip it over your hand. Each of these weighty (52g-60g) bracelets is hallmarked and then attached to one of the three split rings is a chunky fingerprint charm or a footprint or handprint charm if selected. Create your own Links of Love bracelet with your own memories of what is special to you. You can mix and match your charms to suit your desires by adding further fingerprint charms, hand or footprint charms, double-side your charms or add gem stones. To get the right size, as we do three, measure what is a comfortable fit on your wrist and add 0.75 inches. Engraving on the back is included in the price - this is not a sentiment - see our Personalisation Guide for information on the difference between engraving and sentiments.

Shape & Type of Charm 1
Add a 2nd charm?
Add a 3rd charm?
Add 4th charm or double-side charm 1?
Add 5th charm or double-side charm 2?
Add 6th charm or double-side charm 3?
Add gem stones?

Pandora Style bracelet with fingerprint, handprint, footprint bead charmsCherished Charm Bead Bracelet - £155

Our own gorgeous pandora style bracelet is suitable for all pandora, troll, lovelinks style charm beads and comes with a chunky oval fingerprint charm bead, footprint bead charm or handprint bead charm with two stopper beads to keep it in place. Keep it simple or add further chunky oval print charm beads or the tube style charm beads and adorn your bracelet with other silver or glass charm beads from our range. Please see the Size & Style Guide for images of the silver and glass charm beads. Each of the chunky oval charm beads weigh approx 9g of silver and can have engraving on one side or fingerprints, footprints or handprints on both sides. The tubular style hand and footprint charms are approx 4g and cannot be engraved. To get the right size measure what is a comfortable fit on your wrist and add 0.75 inches for a full bracelet. The bracelet style may vary. Engraving on the back is included in the price - this is not a sentiment - see our Personalisation Guide for information on the difference between engraving and sentiments.

Print Type and Number
Bracelet size
Add a 2nd charm bead?
Add a 3rd charm bead?
Add a 4th charm bead?
Add a 5th charm bead?
Add a 6th charm bead?
Add a 7th charm bead?
Add an 8th charm bead?

Bountiful Bracelet - £225

Bountiful Bracelet

A stylish way to celebrate a Hen Night, capture all the prints of a party of girlfriends to present as a memorable gift to the bride to be. Or if your brood is blooming then why not capture each child’s print to create a piece where each child is equal and as important. Upto seven prints can be accommodated or any spare links can be engraved with anything you choose such as dates, family name, event or special message.

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"I just wanted to say thank you for my pandora charm with my dads print on it i am so pleased with it thank you."

Sue, Southampton - 2018

Chunky Charm bracelet with 3 charms

"Thank you once again, my mum is going to love it

Claire, Surrey - 2017

Chunky charm bracelet with petprints

"Received my bracelet today and I love it, its perfect :-)"

Pauline, Surrey - 2015

Tender Charm bracelet with 4 charms:

"A massive thank you for the bracelet!! Both myself and my wife are over the moon. The service you provided was fantastic and I will highly recommend you to others. Once again a big thank you.

Kerry, Gloucester - 2014

Chunky Charm Bracelet with 2 handprint charms:

"My bracelet arrived on Friday morning and is perfect. Thank you very much for your excellent customer service both in making the changes I asked for and in getting it to me so quickly. I will certainly be using your website again, and will recommend it to my friends."

Rachel, Oxon - 2013

"Arrived today. Absolutely beautiful and with a few days pre-Xmas to spare - amazing work : ) Many many thanks for all your help"

Ruaridh, Renfrewshire - 2012

Links of Love Bracelet with 2 Pet Print Charms:

"I have been very impressed with your service and wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to others, it is really nice to do business with someone efficient!"

Peter, Cheshire - 2012

Hand and Foot Shaped Chunky Charms:

"I received my items today and am absolutely delighted. The hand print tag is fabulous and both the foot and hand outline on the bracelet have come out so well. They will be very much treasured by me and and I thank Tiny Treasures for taking so much care in making these wonderful pieces for me to enjoy for many years to come. Once again many thanks."

Terry, Thatcham - 2011

Charm Bracelet with Two Tiny Tender Charms:

"Our order arrived on Wednesday and my wife and I are delighted. It is very obvious that you took time and care placing and producing the prints and inscription to match and fit blanks. It is an item that we will treasure forever."

Gavin, London - 2011

Tender Charm Bracelet:

"My Bracelet came today and i just wanted to let you know how happy i am with it. Its better than i could have imagined and will make a perfect gift for my best friend. Your service has been very efficent and a joy to use. I am going to make sure i have a bracelet of my own on my birthday wish list this year!! Thank you again for all of your help."

Roxanne, Hampshire - 2010

Cherished Charm Bracelet with charms on charm carriers:

"Just to say I received the braclet and it is just beautiful. Thanks so much for being so patient and for your advice in the office. Its a lovely thing to have. Real solid memories to waer with joy and delight, i love it."

Julie, Suffolk - 2010

Chunky Charm Bracelet

"Thank you so much fo the bracelet I am really pleased with it."

Kim, Somerset - 2009

Links of Love with fingerprint one side & footprint otherside:

"I just wanted to email to say thank you very much for the beautiful bracelet that you created for me. It is absolutely perfect! I am so pleased. I can't wait to wear it.

Annabelle, Hereford - 2009

Links of Love Bracelet:

"My bracelet arrived two days ago and is absolutely gorgeous, thank you so much.  I also appreciated your personal touch with your emails letting me know you'd received orders and dispatched it.  Thankyou again, I will be recommending you to my friends!"

Alison, Leicester - 2009

Chunky Charm Bracelet:

"My bracelet arrived this morning, i love it, its better than i could imagine, i am really pleased with the result. Thank-you very much."

Sarah, Rotherham - 2009

Links of Love with 3 Tiny Chunky Charms:

"I received my bracelet. It is so lovely and I am really happy with it. Thankyou very much-it's perfect."

Kate, Brentwood - 2009

Chunky Charm Bracelet:

"Received today. Its brilliant. Thank You Very much."

Mark, Greater Manchester - 2008

Links of Love with 3 chunky charms, one doublesided:

"This is just a quick email to say thank you very much for the beautiful links of love charm bracelet that you made for me. I find it exceptionally stunning and I love wearing it all the time and showing it off. My eldest daughter loves to look at her fingerprint throughout the day. Capturing fingerprints and then making them into jewellery pieces is such a marvellous idea, unique and stunning and I will indeed treasure mine forever. I will definately be purchasing more jewellery pieces from you next year and I will recommend you to everyone."

Bryony, Cheshire - 2008

Links of Love with Two Chunky Charms:

"The bracelet is absolutely gorgeous and so, so special.  I am very excited to see my sister's reaction."

"My sister was blown away by her bracelet, she absolutely loved it. So thank you for a smashing birthday gift, am going to have to go some to top that next year!"

Annabel, Faversham - 2008

Links of Love with Doublesided charm:

"I can confirm that I have received the bracelet this morning and am absolutely delighted with it. It is fantstic and I am 110% certain that it will be a big hit! I would just like to say a big THANK YOU for the excellent level of service provided throughout my Tiny Treasures experience. I look forward to using you again in the future and will be highly recommending you to anybody who cares to listen!"

Jamie, Middlesex - 2008

Links of Love Bracelet:

"Thanks so much for the bracelet and the prompt delivery - I'm so pleased with it."

Celia, Vale of Glamorgan - 2008

Chunky Charm Bracelet:

"I've received my bracelet today as expected. Its lovely, thank you very much. I will spread the word to all my friends."

Leigh-Ann, West Yorkshire - 2008

Chunky Charm Bracelet with two Tiny Chunky Charms:

"Thank you very much for the beautiful chunky charm bracelet which arrived yesterday. My children, aged 11 and 8, had great fun making their fingerprint and choosing the designs for the charms which has made it even more special. I will be recommending you to my friends."

Sarah, Worcester - 2008.

Chunky Charm Bracelet with Two Chunky charms:

"Hi recieved my bracelet yesterday, which i am very very happy with, thank you ever so much, and im making sure im telling everyone where i've got it from thanx again x"

Cheryl, Blackpool - 2008.

Fine charm bracelet with two tiny tender charms:

"I am so thrilled with the bracelet,it is lovely!"

Pauline, Cardiff - 2008.

"Got them – thanks so much for the excellent service – the two items [Charm bracelet with two tender charms and two tender charms on snake chain] are absolutely perfect. I will certainly recommend you to anyone who will listen!!

Carol, Renfrewshire - 2008.

"In December I ordered a fingerprint charm bracelet from your company and can I just say that it was absolutely gorgeous and really did make my sisters christmas. I have just recieved your newsletter and noticed you now do baby charm bangles and am going to order one for my niece's 1st birthday".

Samantha, Dorset - 2007.

"Just to let you know I have received my order. Thank you for enabling me to have the bracelet charms double sided, they are very special, Many thanks."

Pippa, Hampshire - 2007.