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Environmental Policy

Tiny Treasures Gifts Ltd is dedicated to minimising our impact on the environment. We help people create cherished fingerprint jewellery memories and consciously carry out our business with the view that we would like many more generations to be able to create their own memories whilst living on a happy, healthy planet.

All our non jewellery packaging, including envelopes, impression kit boxes and paper are recyclable.

Our Keepsake jewellery boxes have been designed to be kept and reused as a keepsake box. These are sourced from a UK supplier, however the sourcing of materials and manufacture is done overseas. We were unable to find a UK supplier who would source and manufacture to a quality finish without airfreighting or sourcing the materials from several different countries. So we elected to have all parts sourced and the boxes manufactured in one country and then shipped rather than air freighted back to us.

Printed Material
We use a printer less than 1 mile away from us, who has a strong environmental policy themselves. They source from uk suppliers, maximise the recovery and recycling of materials, only purchase paper from UK merchants and ensure all stocks are from sustainable and manageable sources.

All our electronic communications - email, broadband, telephone - are provided by a cooperative who offset all CO2 emissions.
All our postal communication is done via Royal Mail minimising unnecessary extra vehicles on the road.

Materials and operations
All our materials are sourced from UK suppliers, opting for Royal Mail delivery where possible and buying in bulk.
PMC itself was originally manufactured from recycling the silver from photographic paper.
Our operation procedures are set up to minimise energy usage. We use natural alternatives where possible and reuse where able.
Our impression kit material, PMC, polishing methods are all non toxic and environmentally friendly.


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