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How to create your fingerprint jewellery or treasure

1) Receive your impression kit

When you place an order, a small impression kit is sent to you – Within this kit, you will find full instructions on how to start creating your special piece of fingerprint jewellery or treasure, your choice of wording, whether you want hand imprinted text or hand engraved text and two pieces of special clay. To make an impression in the moulding clay, you will need to rub the two clays together. Full instructions are included in the kit.

2) Mark the occasion

If you are using the Jewellery or treasure to mark a special occasion, you can incorporate the creation of the jewellery as part of the celebration or event. For weddings, a perfect moment might be at the end of the ceremony, for a Christening this could be after cutting the cake. Whichever the moment is up to you, at Tiny Treasures, we would love to hear your stories and ideas for what moment or occasion you used the impression kit.

Since the moulding clay can be re-moulded, you can practice as many times as you need to get the impression you want to create. Once you are happy with the impression you have created, leave to dry and return in the envelope provided.

4) Crafting your chosen design

Once Tiny Treasures receives the impression mould from you, a replica of the print is made by a specialist jewellery maker. This replica is then used to make an impression into Precious Metal Clay – PMC. The precious metal clay is then shaped by the jewellery maker (now with the print on), wording added and all smoothed off. The piece is then strength fired burning off the organic binder to create a 22K Gold or 99.9% silver charm.

5) Your finished creation

Once your creation has been completed, it is then stamped with a purity mark and your Tiny Treasure jewellery or treasure is dispatched to you in our beautiful keepsake jewellery box ready to wear or for you to gift wrap and present to your loved one.

The whole process takes approximately 10-14 days from receipt of the mould you created.

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