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About Tiny Treasures

Our First Memories
Hand holding petalsBorn in 2005 Tiny Treasures Gifts are still young enough to be trendy and fresh but old enough to recognise the importance of quality and value for money. We’ve perfected our processes and broadened our range over time.

First Online
In 2006 Tiny Treasures’ first milestone was to be the first in the UK to allow online ordering and dispatch of an impression kit for you to start creating your treasure with a mould of a loved one’s fingerprint, anytime and anywhere, capturing a moment in time. Then we were the first to offer hand and footprint mailorder kits to create those treasures. In 2011 we have launched our Sublime range allowing creation of those memories too, all by mail order.

First to Hallmark
Gift box in handEarly in 2007 Tiny Treasures became the first in the UK to hallmark all their treasures as a standard and included in every price. Tiny Treasures feel it is important for you to have proof of the purity of your treasure. If you created a treasure to be a family heirloom, to be passed down through generations, a fineness stamp provides proof of the purity of the silver used in your treasures. The symbols used are recognised the world over by experts.

First to Create Vermeil Charms
In May 2008 Tiny Treasures was the first company worldwide to offer 24k gold plating on pure silver jewellery incorporating fingerprints.

First for New Jewellery Treasures
During 2007 Tiny Treasures was consistantly the first in the UK to offer new ideas and ranges online incorporating your treasured fingerprints including the first to create Chunky Charms. Our Loving Touch necklace, Rings and ability to place a print on both sides of a treasure are still unique to Tiny Treasures or our trade clients.

During 2008 we continued to launch a brand new product or range every month including brooches, Links of Love and our unique Baby Bangle which turns into a necklace.

During 2009 we were the first to create beads incorporating your fingerprints so they can be worn as a classic necklace or on the current trend in Pandora Style Bracelets. We also broadened our range to include bronze treasures and launched all of the footprint, handprint, children's artwork and sentiment ranges for all of our products.

During 2010 we added hand and foot shaped charms and cufflinks.

During 2011 we added our unique double and triple pendants.

During 2012 we broadened our range of bronze treasures, added our multiprint pendant suitable for upto 5 prints and bought you the special Diamond Jubilee Hallmark, unique to treasures created before 1st October 2012.

During 2013 we will have created over 13,000 memories for all of you and will continue do so.

During 2014 we broadened our creativity with our sister company, You Smashed It - Celebrating your sporting achievements creating completely personalised medal hangers, medal frames and sporting jewellery.

For half of 2015 and half of 2016, we celebrated 10 years and over 20,000 memories made - we launched a Limited Edition range of anniversary jewellery just for that period.

During 2017 we continued to create all the treasures you love whilst increasing the number of our wholesale clients we make jewellery for across the world and broadening our bronze range.

During 2018 our timeless treasures continued to please you all and happily, as we store all prints and paperwork, we were able to replace lost or stolen jewellery exactly as it was originally.

In 2019 we want to keep creating for you as we go into our 15th year of creation.

First for Keepsake Boxes for every piece of jewellery we create
To conincide with the opening of our flagship store during 2008 we launched our completely unique gift packaging designed specifically to help you keep memories in our Keepsake Memory Gift Boxes. And in 2015 we moved to our 10 Year Anniversary Box stunningly displays your jewellery in a full A5 sized box.

First for Memory Treasures
We are constantly planning, researching and developing other ways of helping you create treasured fingerprint gifts not just jewellery treasures and we’ll be the first for all of them too.

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